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Instructors Optional Questions – Giving instructors a framework to define their own questions (English Language Webinar)


Since version 7.0 there are several ways of how to let instructors take part in the evaluation process and let them add their own, individualized questions to your default questionnaire – of course without losing the advantages of a standardized form when it comes to summarizing and comparing data of different surveys. Perhaps you have already come across the “Instructors’ optional questions” menu, but never knew what it was about?

In this webinar we would like to show you the different ways of how to let instructors define their own questions. Either in a flexible way by the help of the VividForms Editor, or in a quick and easy, controlled way by using a simplified entry form to add question texts. Get to know also our outcome-based evaluation as another opportunity to let instructors influence their own forms.


  • Optional questions: Basic idea
  • Add individual questions
  • Predefined questions
  • Outcome-based evaluation


This webinar is suitable for all EvaSys users who would like to learn more about the “Instructors’ optional questions” functionalities.

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